domingo, 25 de março de 2012

You Will Never Feel Lonely

In an interview with Amyr Klink, after the Brazilian navigator had arrived from one of his solitary sea adventures, a reporter asked him if loneliness had been his biggest obstacle. Amyr answered that although he had spent one hundred days alone, he had never actually felt lonely, as he knew that so many of his friends were thinking about him and wishing him success. And he added, "The sea is not an obstacle. It is a way".
After two months of adventure had gone by, I started thinking about the meaning of loneliness. An inner feeling that is not necessarily caused by distance or insolation, a sense of emptiness that invades you and that no human company or presence can ever satisfy.
Loneliness was the only thing I did not feel after I had left. Never. Not even once. What I did feel was an overwhelming sense of homesickness. I felt homesick for everything and everybody, I missed things and people I had not seen for so long.
Homesickness, however, is good for you heart. It enhances feelings, lights up hope, erases distance.
And then there is friendship. If you have a friend, even if just one, no matter where he or she is, you will never be alone. You may die from homesickness, but you will not be feel lonely.

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